Contributions focussing on spectroscopic techniques applied to polymers are welcome. The following list gives an overview of covered topics:

  • FTIR, Raman, NIR, Terahertz
  • NMR, EPR UV-VIS, Fluorescence, Circular Dichroism
  • Spectroscopic Imaging
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • XPS
  • Dielectric Spectroscopy


Invited Speakers

Dr. Dieter Fischer (IPF Dresden, Chairman der ESOPS 20):
    "Automated Particle Analysis from 1 to 500µm with a Combination of Optical and FTIR and Raman Microscopy to Determine
    Microplastics in Environmental Samples"

Prof. Dr. Wolf Hiller (TU Dortmund)
    "Separation of Polymer Mixtures and Block Copolymers by Diffusion Ordered Spectroscopy"

PD Dr. Karsten Hinrichs (ISAS Berlin):
    "Multiscale Infrared Spectroscopic Analysis of Thin Polymer Films"

Prof. Stuart Lyon (University of Manchester)
    about Interphases in Epoxy-Metal Systems (inkl. AFM-IR)

Dr. Ulrich Scheler (IPF Dresden, Co-Chairman der ESOPS 14):
    "Internal Dynamics and Charges in Soft Materials - A Magnetic Resonance Investigation"

Prof. Dr. Roberto Simonutti (University Milano Bicocca)
    "Xenon the Explorer of free Volume: Applications of 129Xe NMR in Polymer Science"

Prof. Dr. Sabu Thomas (Mahatma Gandhi University, India)
    "Interfacial Modification in Nanocomposites to Tailor Functionalities"

Dr. Steffen Weidner (BAM Berlin)
    "Polymer Mass Spectrometry at BAM with Special Emphasis on MALDI and ESI"


Detailed Program

For the details of the conference program following downloads are available:


Social Events

Social events are included in conference fees for both participants and accompanying persons.

Monday, 13rd January - Poster Session with Finger Food and Drinks.

Tuesday, 14th January - Conference Dinner at Pöstlingberg Schlössl.